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Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring

By Appointment: or 

By Phone 718-601-6921

These sessions can be tailored to help you to see(k) and receive the specific help you desire to solve life problems, and to manifest whatever good you may desire. 

"You are only and always dealing with God." - Rev. Ike

Brief consultations: by phone, text or email (5-10 minutes - free of cost).

Prayer-Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring: Welcome
Prayer-Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring: Bookings

These can be adjusted contingent upon the individual"s's means.

Prayer-Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring: Text

Inspirational Writings  & Talks

Encouraging Words: Weekly Emails, Text Messages, Facebook Postings, Daily Meditations, Prayers and Inspirational Messages.

Honoring Ceremonies: Ceremonies are designed to uplift, to inspire and to transform lives. Includes:

Beginning of LIfe (Birth) Christening

Marriage/Renewal of Vows

End of Life Memorials


Blessing of Home or Site

Prayer-Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring: Text
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