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God's Private Telephone Number: Image

God's  Private Telephone  Number

God's Private Telephone Number is a transformational prayer call and open to all. 

There is no absence of God, Good, Love. That which stands between the good that we desire and its manifestation is our belief that it is absent.

During our one-half hour prayer time, we come together as a spiritual community to focus on the presence of God, Universal Good, Omnipresent Good. We come to know at a very deep level that God can't withhold Itself from us. We consciously cooperate with God to open the door to our awareness to remove old paradigms so that the good that God has stored up can flow forth as good health, happiness, love success, prosperity, infinite overflowing money and whatever good we desire.


Dial: 1+425-436-6200

Passcode: 892523#


 I AM a channel of God. I know I AM here to express more of God's love, life, truth and beauty. I have much to give. I can give love, laughter, joy, confidence and good to all people, all animals and all things in God's universe. Thank you Father-Mother God. 

God's Private Telephone Number: Text
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